Department of International Business


Educational Goal

The educational goal of this department aims to “educate talented students with practical, specialized expertise in international business, electronic commerce technological skills and marketing planning”. Planning to gradually introduce the cross-border electronic business resources, we actively cooperate with world’s biggest B2B cross-border electronic business enterprise-Alibaba international website and related business partners. Not only does this help teachers and students acquire correct understanding, realize platform operation skills, but also assist the manufacturers to familiarize themselves with the different electronic commerce platforms and operational models in order to promote sales overseas. Incorporating the long or short term internship professional courses into our curriculum design, the department tries to project the distinguishing quality of technological and vocational education, endeavors to the teaching strategies of “Emphasizing practice and application of knowledge”. Replanning and redesigning the course contents, the department is committed to educating the talented professional talented students who master both theories and practical skills and implementing the goals of technological and vocational education which facilitate students to “Get a Job Right After Graduation”.

The Development Characteristics of the Department and Graduate School

  1. The development goal of both the department and graduate school is to address the era trend and make adjustments and a clear positioning is made. In addition to their own professional teaching, teachers possess immense capacity in the jobs of administrative assistance and students’ counselling. Teaching facilities have been well-installed and outstanding achievements have been made.
  2. The curriculum design ideas are derived from three main orientations: “Business Development Trend”, “University and College Features”, “Students’ Background.” Aiming at the major curriculum modules, the department designs such practical courses as “Practical Subject Lectures”, “Collaborative Teaching with Industry Experts,” “Career & Employment Lectures”, “Certificate Guidance Classes”, “Supervising Students to Participate in Contests on or off the campus”, “Short Term Internship Activities”, “One Year Internship Program for Senior Students.” Meanwhile, some other introduction of professional knowledge is included to meet the needs of students’ multi-dimensional development. In the last two years, “the plan to incentivize teachers to take in-depth study in public or private businesses” was carried out to substantially upgrade all teachers’ teaching capacity.
  3. Frist, set up program goals for the department to develop the basic and core competencies that the students need. Next, mission tasks are formulated and then the curriculum development process will be completed. Lastly, the necessary evaluation and check-up mechanism will be established. This check-up mechanism will include “mid-term”, “final term” and “remedial” evaluation. By using multiple assessment to examine students’ learning achievements, the department hopes to avoid students from failing the certification exams because of momentary negligence in preparation.
  4. The number of various professional certificates acquired by students from academic year 2011 to 2017 has exceeded 2,000. As soon as one-year internship started in academic year 2012, there was one student who earned recognition and received 250,000 NT dollars elite scholarship. Average employment rate of our graduates from academic year 2015 to 2017 reached 85% and more.


Pathways for Graduates’ Career Development

  1. Pursue Higher Education:

Students can apply for Graduate School Program related to the fields of Business Management.

  1. Apply for Civil Service Jobs:

By taking senior civil service examination, junior civil service examination, elementary civil service examination and special civil service examination, students can be recruited to work at government administrative agencies, state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, and transportation industries etc. as civil service personnels. Customs personnel civil service exam is one example.

  1. Join the Workforce of Businesses:

Students can choose to join the workforce of various businesses and do jobs as staff at overseas department related business divisions, business fair service personnel, conferences & exhibition planning service personnel, electronic commerce planning personnel, internet marketing personnel, international marketing planning personnel, English business secretaries, import & export business staff,  import & export customs staff, air & sea carriers crew staff, ocean freight forwarder business staff, bank foreign exchange personnel, and international logistics related business staff etc.

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